Traditional thai massage in Marbella centre

Traditional thai massage is applied without the use of oil. The receiver of the massage con remain fully dressed if choosing the traditional thai massage.

Many people however will prefer to undress and receive the massage in only underwear and covered by a traditional thai cloth or sheet that you will find neatly prepared for you on the massage bed when entering the massage room.

The fact that the massage is done with the use of the non slippery cloth (compared to the use of oil) allows the masseuse to apply strong and precise pressuring.

In that sense the traditional thai massage is the strongest or "deepest" massage and is especially suitable for very tensed lower leg muscles, or a very tensed lower back lumbar area.

If booking a full hour tradtitional thai massage you will be that all tensions will be worked on well and with as much pressure as you like.

The massuese will ask you about whether the pressure used is OK with you and you always have the option to request a harder or softer pressure and or that a particular area of tension is worked for a longer period. 

How is the traditional thai massage carried out?

A traditional thai massage as carried out with us at GOLDEN THAI MASSAGE always starts with a gentle but firm massage of the feet. It then gradually moves on to the angles and continues further upward towards the legs.

You may at any time indicate to the masseue if you wish her to increase or decrease the pressure applied.

In general, male recipients would prefer a somewhat stronger massage than female recipients.


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