Authentic Oil thai massage Marbella

At GOLDEN THAI MASSAGE MARBELLA we offer traditional oil thai massage in Marbella - NOT SENSUAL - NOT SEXUAL! 

The thai oil massage Marbella is a very pleasing and relaxing type of massage that in most cases will take the receiver to a very relaxed and deep state of mind.

The oil used during oil massage a common almond oil which can be bought at any farmacist or health store here in Costa del Sol or Marbella.

How is oil massage carried out?

Oil massage includes in dept massage of feet and toes, ancles, legs, hands and fingers, palms of the hands, forearms, shoulders, neck, head and face.

Since the oil allows the masseuse to apply gentle "gliding" movements which after a while into the massage will generate quite some heat and energy whcih builds up.

The oil used is heated to a moderately hot temeprature and is hence very pleasent to the skin.

The application of hot stones which is optional in all or our massages will help even more to generate and keep heat during the massage.

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