Traditional thai massage

The traditional thai massage is carried out WITHOUT the use of oil.

Instead is is appied directly on the recipient who can remain fully dressed - or, it is applied using a large cloth through which the massage is applied.

The use of a cloth makes it possible for the practitioner to apply a maximum of pressure very precisely along the pressure points and meridians of the recipiant.

Hence the traditional massage is the "strongest" or "deepests" of the massages offered at Golden Thai Massage.

Tradition thai oil massage

As the name indicates, during this type of massage the use of oil is appied from the beginning and throughout the massage.

The oils appied during oil massage can vary a lot - however the most common oil used is almond oil wich can be bought in most farmacist in Spain.

Hot stone massage at Golden thai

During a hot stone massage you will experience a combination of both traditional thai massage, oil massage, and with the application of hot stones placed direcly on the recipients skin, usually along the spine and upper back and shoulderblades.



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