"Recently I was on a holiday in Marbella and suffering from a severe headache at that point. By coincidence i met Mon, the owner of GOLDEN THAI MASSAGE MARBELLA.

She said that she was convinced that she could help me relieve the pain with her thai massage techniques. 

I gave her the go ahead, not knowing what to expect. As soon as she started performing the massage on me, pressuring my feet and legs with her palms, and then gradually working her way up towards the rest of the body, I could immediately feel that things were going the right way - I gradually experienced a great sense of exhilaration and pain relief, much quicker than i would have expected. It was like someone had opened up my body from within and was attacking the sources of the pain. 

It was to some extent a very different and spiritual experience and I felt this immense pleasure as the traditional thai massage Marbella was making its way through my whole body. I suddenly found myself breathing long and deep and my mind felt clear and at peace again, free from all of the daily thoughts, stresses and pains that had been haunting me. 

I believe she offers quite some different types of traditional thai massage marbella with oil and traditional thai massage marbella without oil. 

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