Marbella centre and old town

The Old Town of Marbella is lovely in every possible way. It has been preserved beautifully and is quite a sight to visit with many narrow and well kept streets and wide floral balconies which is so wonderfully tipical Andalucian. 

Among the popular landmarks here are the Plaza de los Naranjos Marbella, also called the "Orange Square" which houses the grand Town Hall - the building dates back to the 16th century and is still in use and where the mayor has offices.

Also remarkable is the Ermita de Santiago or Santiago Chapel, which is the first church constructed here, built as far back as in the 15th century.

Activities in MARBELLA

In Marbella and surroundings you will find lots of oportinities to enjoy activities such as golf, local Andalucian gastronomy Marbella, beaches, spanish traditions such as flamenco festivals and the holy week, and lots of other arts and culture amongst others.

...and of course Thai massage.

Thai Massage in Marbella centre

Please visit us and get revitalized with a thai massage during your stay or visit to Marbella - we are situated only a few minutes walk from Marbella old town, right across the main road running through the town, Ricardo Soriano Marbella centre.

History of Marbella

As part of the Marbella History, one historic landmark here is the Chapel del Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz. This is home to the Hospital Bazán which was built in 1992.

Worth visiting is the Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo, one of the most famous art museums in Spain.

You will find many great artworks from legendary artists of the 20th century such Tapies, Miró, Chillida, and of course, the great Picasso here.

Make it a point to visit other popular museums in Marbella such as the Bonsái Museum, Municipal Archaeology Collection and the Cortijo Miraflores Museum.

Also popular is the Muslim town here in Marbella. Not many know about Malaga’s pre-Christian past. This place was once ruled by Muslims.

The Muslim part of the city still has the remains of the ancient Arab Castle. You will also find remains of the Roman Empire, which had their outpost here over 2,000 years ago. 



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