Thai massage - a brief history

Nobody can say for exact as to who was the creator of the Thai massage. However some believe that the credit for creating this massage system were the Buddhist philosopher, Shivago Komarpaj, who was also the physician to the famous prince Siddharta who later became the Buddha. Hence it can be stated that is was this great physician who created the Traditional Thai Massage over 2,500 years ago.   

The long and facinating background of the Thai massage as offered in Marbella is complex as it is essentially a combination of several different philosophies and healing arts all of which being influenced by the ancient religions of both India, China and Southeast Asia. 

It is therefore an authentic ancient practice that can treat a variety of illnesses, and that promotes general health and well-being.

Thai massage makes use of a number of different techniques some of which could be compared to asanas (yoga stretching), acupressure and reflexology. 

The therapist works on the many pressure points of the body and focuses on muscle stretching, using both fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, forearms, knees and feet in order to release the tensions and contractions stored in the receivers body. 

Thai massage in our times

In the modern era, Thai Traditional Massage is strictly regulated by Thailand’s Ministries of Education and Public Health. They do not, however, have any jurisdiction over the practice of the massage outside Thailand. 

The philosophies that govern the teaching of the Thai massage have been passed through generations within families in the villages of Thailand, for many centuries. It has (luckily) spread to Europe, with a number of practitioners across the UK, Spain and elsewhere. 

"Nuad Boran" is the name of THAI MASSAGE in Thailand

Nuad Boran or the Thai massage had its origins in Thailand and was based on an ancient healing philosophy and has also a large part of Buddhism integrated in its approach. 

The massage is based on the circulation of the vital energy through pathways called as sen. It involves the manipulation of energy lines and the stimulation of critical pressure points that lie on the pathways. 

This ancient healing practice is referred to in the Thai language as nuad or nuad boran. It is different from how massages are done in the Western countries. 

Thai massage - massage without the use of oil

What makes the traditional Thai massage different from other techniques is that the practitioner does not make use of any oils or lotions. 

Hence, the receiver may remain fully clothed during the therapy. 

The mechanics of the Thai massage also have a very strong influence from Yoga and Indian Ayurveda. They incorporate many philosophies from Chinese Traditional Medicine such as an emphasis on energy lines which in Chinese medicine are called the Qi meridians.

About the Golden Thai Massage Marbella

Thai Massage Marbella is also called as Nuad Bo Rarn in Thailand. It is an ancient healing practice and therapy that can cure a number of different ailments. During the Thai massage Marbella the entire body is given attention and will be receiving massage in the right proportion acording to the clients needs. It works as a holistic approach during which there is a flow of energy lines through the body. 

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